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Unitarian Universalist Church of Spartanburg

Wednesday, September 3, 2:00-3:30 Book Club (see below)

Wednesday, September 3, 6:30 Vespers
Heartbeat (Drums, Percussion, Chanting)

Wednesday, September 3, 7:00 Book Club
Great news! Beginning September 3, we will have two Book Clubs, the “regular” Wednesday night group and a new one meeting from 2:00 to 3:30 on the first Wednesday of each month. In September both groups will read Orphan Train by Christina Baker Kline. Orphan Train is the story of friendship and second chances. This is a time  of “upheaval and resilience, of unexpected friendships, and the secrets we carry that keep us from finding out who we are.” The Orphan Train Movement was a supervised welfare program that transported orphaned and homeless children from crowded cities in the United States to foster homes mainly in rural area of the Midwest. The orphan trains operated between 1835 and 1929, relocating about 250,000 orphaned, abandoned, or homeless children. This relocation of children ended in the 1920s with the beginnings of organized foster care in America.

Wednesday, September 3, 7:15 First Wednesday Sing and Celebrate
Do you like to sing? Would you like to gain more confidence? Come and raise your voice on First Wednesdays (7:15 p.m.) as we engage in some group singing, learn a little bit about the foundations of music, and get a sneak-peek at the music for each month’s Sunday worship. Co-led by our fabulous music director Keith, and Rev. Michelle (who has been helping folks to sing since 1987).

Sunday, September 7, 11:00 Water Communion
The water communion is a uniquely Unitarian Universalist rite where we bring a small amount of water from summer travels or from your own kitchen tap to honor our individual journeys and blend those waters together in celebration of the Beloved Community that we seek to create here. Since all of the water on earth is one water, there will be a pitcher of water available so that all may participate, even if you don’t happen to bring a vial from home. All are welcome.